I can prescribe, supply and fit discreet in-shoe supports (Orthotics) that can help many foot problems. I use some of the UK's leading quality-assured orthotics laboratories for my prescribed supports.

to produce Orthotics that are excellent in terms of both function and cost.

Only professionals registered with the UK Health and Care Professions Council are permitted to use the title Podiatrist. We are regulated by law in the same way as Doctors or Dentists and must follow rules regarding our qualifications, conduct, insurance etc. If people offering 'Footcare' are not HCPC registered they are not a Podiatrist.  Check my registration (Number CH20214) on  www.hcpc-uk.org/check-the-register/

For appointments at my Ashfurlong Clinic, Telephone :  0121 308 7774

Email: admin.team@suttonmed.co.uk


For Appointments at the BMI Priory Hospital, Telephone : 0121 440 2323

Website and booking online : www.bmihealthcare.co.uk/birmingham



For general enquiries for me, Telephone : 07551 944276 (24 / 7 voicemail only)

To contact me by Email : martin@podmed.info

Consultations / Treatments

for foot and ankle :


ˇ Nail and tissue surgery

ˇ Callous, warts and cysts

ˇ Excess sweating

ˇ Joint and muscle pain

ˇ Skin Problems of all types

ˇ Gait and posture analysis

ˇ Orthotics design/supply

ˇ Sport and trauma injuries

ˇ Medico-legal reports