Highest standards of Professional Care

Organising and delivering Biomechanics training for colleagues at one of my midland practices

My background and training

I initially qualified in chiropody at the Oxford School of Chiropody . As new opportunities for advancement opened up I undertook further training at New College Durham in injected anesthesia followed by gaining my degree in Podiatric Medicine from the University of Sunderland.


Postgraduate study in medicines and pharmacology at Birmingham City University permitted me to become a legally recognized supplementary prescriber of prescription-only medicines and certain controlled drugs and I followed on with additional postgraduate training at the University of Hertfordshire which gained me a qualification in dermatological surgery.


Subsequently I returned to Birmingham City University to qualify as one of the UK's first fully independent podiatrist prescribers, permitting me access to issuing prescriptions for  any prescription-only medicine in suitable cases, in exactly the same way as your doctor.


In more recent years I have become involved in delivering postgraduate training as a senior lecturer for the UK professional body the Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.

Myself and Australian musculoskeletal physician Dr Margaret Taylor running the UK’s first Podiatric Prolotherapy training course

Martin Harvey fpodm pgc bsc

With TV Nutritionist  Karen Devine and Professor Lionel Milgrom lecturing in Germany on Biopharmaceuticals