A computerised low voltage ‘no needle’ Iontophoresis system. Excellent for sports injuries and general joint and soft tissue pains

Text Box: Some Examples of Conditions Treated
Investigations for chronic foot and ankle pain etc

Day surgery for various non-malignant skin lesions, viral warts, epidermoid cysts etc. Including partial ingrown nail removal (avulsion) with root phenolisation or permanent nail root removal by incisional nail surgery if required.

Biomechanical assessment and gait analysis							

Glucose and Lidocaine prolotherapy injections - to foot, ankle or associated soft tissue structures 

Injection therapy up to knee (including local anaesthetic) using Ostenil Plus® viscosupplement for mild to moderate osteoarthritis.

Injection therapy to the ankle or foot joints for mild to moderate osteoarthritis, using Ostenil® Mini viscosupplement including anesthetic
Control of excessive perspiration of the feet using botulinum toxin type-A
injections administered under a local anaesthetic 

Internally cushioning injections of dermal filler (eg: Restylane®) under points of pain and pressure on the bottom of the foot including anaesthetic

Customised orthotic supports - Vasyli type

High frequency electrosurgery / electrodessication for benign lesions, warts, neurovascular corns etc includes an appropriate local anaesthetic.

Fees are specific to each location. Ask for the cost when booking or enquiring about treatments